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18. Just a girl from Argentina
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Today is a beautiful day in my life, bc Its my anniversary as Vampette, yes ONE YEAR with The Vamps. I met them when they was just three Tristan, Brad and James. Can we Dance and Wild Heart not exist!! Just covers and covers. 

Well I want to tell you THANKS for this beautiful year with you, for your covers, original music, pictures, words, follows,tweets, moments, all. Thank you for show me this beautiful #Vamily. The Vamps you’re most than a band to me, you’re my life bc everyday you make happy and smile when I’m sad or happy too :)

I don’t have words to tell how much you’re in my life right now but I try everyday in a tweet or pic to express you my feelings again THANK YOU FOR MAKE ME THE MOST HAPPY PERSON/VAMPETTE ON THIS EARTH 

ps: The Vamps are four BRAD, JAMES, TRISTAN AND CONNOR love them equally please. 

Lets go for ONE MORE YEAR 

suck it and see + acoustic performances

best song ever

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McFly on Tatiana, from Argentina..

I got this tattoo because I’ve been a fan of McFly for 6 years now and wanted to represent how much I love them.

Mine mine <3

My new tattoo.


First THANK YOU for you amazing music all this YEARS, Thank you for that phrases that mark our lifes FOREVER.

Thank you for every moment this 5 years with you!!!

Have a nice day IDOL bc you deserve it, and let’s go for more years AND MORE MUSIC !!!!!


I love your tattoos so much 

Son hermosos juntos

Mi felicidad 

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